6th Annual Waseda Global Patent Conference

Date  October 21, 2017(Sat) 13:00~18:20
Venue    Waseda University,  Building no.11 Room 505 
Part 1: Indirect Patent Infringement
Part 2: Patent Damages and Monetizing Patents
(Simultaneous interpreting (English/Japanese))
Host      Waseda University, Research Center for the Legal System of intellectual Property(RCLIP)
Co-hosts     Waseda University, School of Law, UPenn Law School,
The UPenn Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition,
Nagoya University Graduate School of Law
Admission fee  Seminar : Free to join  ,    Reception : JPY 4,000

  Opening Remarks
Yoshimi Kikuchi (Professor & the Dean of Graduate School of Law, Waseda University)
Christopher Yoo ( Professor & Director, Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition, UPenn)

Part 1: Indirect Patent Infringement (13:00 – 15.30)
Moderator: Ichiro Nakayama (Professor, Kokugakuin University Law School)

Kathleen O’Malley (Circuit Judge, CAFC)
Misao Shimizu (Chief Judge, IP High Court)
Polk Wagner (Professor, UPenn Law School)
Carsten Haase (Judge, Regional Court of Düsseldorf)
Ryuchi Mimura (Former Judge, IP High Court; Attorney-at-law)
Ryu Takabayashi (Professor, Waseda University)

Part 2: Patent Damages and Monetizing Patents (15:50– 18:20)
Moderator: Christoph Rademacher (Associate Professor, Waseda University)

Leonard Stark (Chief Judge, Delaware District Court)
Yoshiaki Shibata (Presiding Judge, Tokyo District Court IP Division)
Masabumi Suzuki (Professor, Nagoya University)
Cynthia Dahl (Practice Professor, UPenn Law School)
 Brett Bachtell (Senior Legal Counsel, Qualcomm)
Motoyuki Koike (Deputy Senior General Manager, Sony IPD)

Reception: 19:00 – 21:00   Entrance fee JPY4,000

This year’s Waseda Global Patent Law Conference will focus on two important issues in current patent law: indirect infringement and patent damages. The importance of addressing indirect infringement has become more apparent in recent years as products or services are manufactured or offered by multiple companies that are sometimes even located in different countries. Policymakers and courts have to find the right test to decide at what stage the supply of a part of a patent-infringing product or service should result in liability. Judges from the CAFC and from the Düsseldorf Regional Court will discuss recent developments in US and German patent law with respect to indirect infringement; Chief Judge Shimizu from the IP High Court will explain how Japanese courts address indirect patent infringement. Penn Law Prof. Wagner and Former Judge Mimura will discuss the different court’s approaches.

In the second part, the conference will move from the substantive topic of indirect infringement to patent damages. Chief Judge Stark from the Delaware District Court – one of the busiest courts for patent litigation in the US – and Judge Shibata from the Tokyo District Court will explain how US and Japanese courts assess patent damages. Prof. Suzuki and Prof. Dahl will comment on the court’s approaches and make some comparative remarks. Finally, representatives from Qualcomm and Sony will then discuss how an innovative US company and a leading Japanese technology company exploit their substantial patent portfolios in generating financial return in light of the given legal frameworks.

Both the first and the second part of the conference will conclude with a panel discussion and a Q&A session during which attendees can ask questions or engage in discussion with the speakers.


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