Robotics Seminar

Date  June 12, 2019 (Wed)  16:00-19:00
Venue    Waseda University,  Building No.3 Room301
Theme    Legal Issues on Robotics and AI Technology Transfer

              (simultaneous translation (English/Japanese))

Moderators  Prof.Toru Asahi (Waseda University)

                      Prof. Ryu Takabayashi (Waseda University)           

Speakers    Prof. Shigeki Sugano (Waseda University)
                    Mr. Takeshi Ueno (IBM)
                   Mr. Toru Matsuoka (Japan Patent Office Administrative Affairs Division,Examination Standards Office) 
                    Prof. Luke McDonagh (City, University of London) 
                    Prof. Enrico Bonadio (City, University of London)
                    Prof. Henrike Weiden (Munich University of Applied Sciences)      
Host :  Waseda University, Research Center for the Legal System of intellectual Property            (RCLIP) Waseda University, Institute of Comparative Law
Co-hosts :  Waseda University, School of Law
                    Waseda University, Global Consolidated Research Institute for Science Wisdom

                    Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering Research for Energy Next

Admission fee / Seminar : Free to join, Reception : JPY 4,000


The last years have seen rapid technology development in the field of smart robotics and artificial intelligence, and further advancement affecting a wide number of industries and consumers is predicted to occur in the near future. During this conference, a number of experts from Europe and Japan will discuss certain impacts that the rise of smart robotics, often involving university innovation, will have on various facets of the IP system.

Professor Sugano and European professors will provide some updates and specific examples on recent innovation in the area of smart robotics in Japan and Europe. Much of this innovation stems from universities. Panelists including representatives from industry will discuss how smooth the transfer of technology in this area from universities to industry both in Europe and in Japan functions in this area of technology. Finally, the panel will focus on the question whether or not innovation substantially generated by smart robotics and AI deserves and requires patent protection going forward.

Experts from Europe and Japan will discuss these issues in an interactive seminar. Comments and questions from the audience will be encouraged.



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