Exploring the copyright implications relating to the metaverse, this presentation will firstly introduce the concept of the metaverse and its status, before moving on to consider some of the copyright implications relating to it. Focusing primarily on the law of UK, whilst comparing it to the law of Japan, the paper will take an insight into the copyright issues relating to the metaverse. In doing so, the presentation will outline some of the aspects that need addressing in the coming years and question whether the current copyright law is fit-for-purpose in its application to the metaverse or whether it needs a review and revision.

As such, this presentation based on the research carried out by Prof. Dinusha Mendis in collaboration with Prof. Tatsuhiro Ueno will present new paradigms for consideration, drawing upon the legal foundations of these two countries, before concluding with some thoughts for the future.

Date    October 2, 2023 (Mon) 18:00-19:40 (Japan Time (UTC+9h))

Venue    Waseda University, Room 405, Building No.3 (campus map) & Zoom Webinar
               English & Japanese (consecutive translation)

Theme  ‘Mind the Gap’: Copyright in the Metaverse – Perspectives from UK and Japan
Commentator  Tatsuhiro Ueno (Professor, Waseda University)
Host    Waseda RCLIP, Institute of Comparative Law of Waseda University
Cost         Free
Registration (in-person participation)