In all the intellectual creation, the existence of the community where the creator belongs is not ignorable, as every creation is born with the background of historical aspects, which are the basic resource of such an original creation. Therefore, it would make it possible to evaluate the intellectual contribution of the creator with such circumstances and to provide an adequate protection toward the creations in such backgrounds.
RCLIP have sought the ideal situation of IP laws and studied about the various issues related to the intellectual property laws and run the institute as the standpoint of academism independent to the discussions of policies made by governmental authorities, through the 21st century COE (2005-2009) and the Global COE(2009-2014) of the Ministry of Education.

Our affluent results can be found not only in the university bulletins, magazines, and books, but also various symposiums and seminars to be opened to the public.
We also made a world IP precedent database in English, based on the global human networks with institutes, courts and lawyers.

After the completion of the COE programmes, we still have had the open symposiums and seminars continuously in the difficult financial circumstances, in order to contribute to the society by providing our knowledge and perception through such studies. We hope your kind understanding and support for our further development

Director Emeritus, Special Advisor, Research Center for the Legal System of Intellectual Property